Plaque plexiglass 10mm blanc

Plaque plexiglass 10mm blanc

149,35  / m² HT
179,22  / m² TTC

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This plexiglass sheet is white and has a thickness of 10 mm. It is a cast flat plexiglass (GS). This is the advantage of being 30 times stronger than glass. It can be machined by drilling, sawing or milling. The sheet comes with a protective film and can be cut to the desired size.

Lightweight and resistant

The plexiglass is half lighter than glass and is a very strong material: it is 30 times more resistant to shocks! In case of breakage of the plexiglass, the material does not break. Plexiglass also allows more light because its light transmission is 90%. Even with thicker sheets, this plastic visibly gives more light than glass of the same thickness.

Weather resistant

The strength of plexiglass makes it ideal for outdoor projects such as windshields and skylights. It is also a great advantage that it is resistant to UV and weather. Plexiglass is more durable than normal. That's why we recommend antistatic cleaner to avoid electrostatic charges. It will stay beautiful longer!

Good maneuverability

Plexiglass is easy to work in many ways. Note that there is a difference between plexiglass cast and extruded plates: they are much stronger. Extruded leaves can tear more quickly during treatment. Plates are always delivered with a protective film.

Technical characteristics

Plexiglass plates have a number of important properties. Here is what is good to know about this plexiglass plate:

  • It is a cast flat plexiglass (GS).
  • White color
  • Maximum area: 240 x 100 cm
  • Thickness: 10 mm
  • The thickness tolerance is about 10%.
  • Double sided: Yes, both sides can be used as a face-up and both have a protective film.
  • UV resistance: high
  • Heat resistance: low
  • Weather resistant

Machining possibilities

Cast Plexiglass is easier to machine than extruded plates. It is a plexiglass plexiglass that can be machined without problems with the right tools.

  • Drilling
  • Hot bending
  • drilling
  • engraving
  • adhesive
  • Polishing
  • Saw
  • matify
  • Painting


The plexiglass is UV resistant, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It is often used as a replacement for glass because it is a light and strong material with a high light transmission.

  • showcases
  • Preferential glazing
  • Decorative material
  • Door blinds
  • Noise barriers
  • Nameplates
Plexiglass blanc

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